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Barbara was so delightful to work with - she was extremely professional, responsive, courteous, knowledgeable, and respectful. She also has the sharp business acumen and keen negotiating skills we were looking for. Not only did we find a tremendous resource in Barb, but we also made a lasting friendship. As long as Barb is doing business, we will be one of her many devoted clients.

Dr. and Mrs. Verma

When my husband and I first learned that we would be moving from California to Boston, we were excited but a little apprehensive about finding the right place to live, as we were conducting our home search from a distance. I began first by doing research on a number of towns, and narrowed it down to two or three. Then I found Barbara. What a lucky break that was for us! From the minute I spoke with her on the phone, I knew we were in good hands. She listened attentively to everything I said, and asked a lot of thoughful questions regarding what we were looking for in a home, as well as in a town. I felt like she was extremely knowledgeable about each of the towns, and really listened to what I wanted.

This was very helpful to us as we were thousands of miles away and needed to rely heavily on our agent to understand what we were looking for and to be honest and reliable. Barbara always, always, acted in our best interest, and because she listened to our needs, she didn't waste our time with houses or neighborhoods that we wouldn't have had an interest in. She directed us not only to a great town, but to a fabulous neighborhood within that town. And when she found out about a house that was going to come on the market in that neighborhood, she called me right away. She had me fly quickly out and arranged a showing with the selling agent. Needless to say, I loved the house, and we put in an offer that day.

I am so thankful that I found Barbara and that we had her looking out for us. She made everything go very smoothly, worked around our hectic schedules, was honest and organized, and has an incredible amount of integrity. She absolutely went above and beyond any agent that I've ever
worked with.

Theresa Benson

My wife and I were coming to Boston due a job change. As always, it promised to be frantic--(it was move number four, in a five-year period). I had only 5 days to come to Boston to find a home. I arrived a day earlier than my wife Alison, and began scanning the papers, and calling every realtor whose name I saw on a “for-sale” sign. I was still open-mouthed with sticker shock at the cost of living, when through a stroke of luck I called Barbara Miller. (I would later learn that her name was on many, many such signs, as she is a highly sought-after agent).

Barb immediately sensed my needs and frustration, and helped me put a finger on exactly what I wanted. More importantly, she helped me figure out what I though we could spend on our home. She asked pertinent questions, and did not beat around the bush. Barb was direct, and that helped me not waste time. Then she told me she needed some time to do the research, and promised a call back. Meanwhile, I continued on my own, wondering how I'd ever find a house in a single week.

When Barb called back, she was armed with the information I needed. Not only hadshe amassed a list of properties, but she had also had created a daily schedule for eachday, including all the properties that we were to see in Boston. She had the MLSs, andestimates of all the closing costs (important since we were out-of-state buyers). Beinga former officer for the US Navy Blue Angels, this was the kind of organization that I needed and appreciated.

We proceeded to sift through properties at a blistering pace. I was amazed by Barbara’s complete and thorough knowledge of the cities in and around Boston, her knowledge of the fair value of properties, and her knowledge of the housing market. Yet what struck me the most was Barbara’s keen ability to sense what my wife and I liked. This is what she is great at. After a very short while, she knew what kind of homes would appeal to us. We felt like we were in the company of a trusted emissary. I have dealt with many other agents, from both sides of the spectrum. Suffice it to say, this is the only testimonial I have ever written, and for good reason. I have even seen other agents get lost while looking for a house (with me in the car). There is nothing more frustrating than a stranger wasting your time. This did not occur with Barbara, and more importantly, she kept up the pace, knowing that if we saw enough properties, we’d find the “perfect home.” Whatever they pay her, it isn’t enough.

We eventually found the right home, but there is a twist to this story, as the deal fell apart a month later (due to an issue with the seller). Now I was forced to send my wife to Boston, alone, to buy another house (that I would not even see)! She had only 3 days. This is where Barbara’s professionalism went above and beyond. Knowing our tight timeline, and wanting to make sure we were happy with our move, she postponed her family vacation in order to pick up Alison (whom she had only met a month earlier)

and show her more properties. I never expected this, and was shocked (and almost embarrassed) at the generosity. My wife returned home, (worn out by Barb), but happy with the home she found. Needless to say, when I arrived (with a moving truck), there was little doubt that the guidance was uncompromising. Now roughly a year later we appreciate more than ever the sound advice and expert counsel Barbara offered us. Our home in Boston is a tremendous investment, as is our ongoing friendship with this wonderful woman.

From Buyer

Selling a home in which we have enjoyed much laughter, some tears,frustrations, and incredible successes is a VERY BIG ITEM!!! I needed
a realtor who could hear my angst without my actually saying it, hearmy questions that I could not quite ask, and sense my concerns when Iwas not actually sure what they were. Barbara Miller is the realtorwho accomplishes this with seeming ease, good listening, and accurate strategies to meet the varied situations that continuously arise whenselling a home.

Barbara brings tremendous energy to the real estate market. She spenthours researching our comparable market values, sent daily emails,and kept us on top of this 'new market' in New England, which wasexperiencing fluctuations during the winter of 2006, by emailing uspertinent articles that grew our knowledge of what was happening toreal estate in the greater Boston area.

Distinguishing herself from other realtors we know, Barbara gave uscontinuous feedback regarding what was needed before the showing, and most of all during the somewhat arduous process of the inspection. Her feedback was matter of fact, she allowed us time to think about the information, and her broad experience gave us the opportunity for comparisons to other inspections of comparable homes to ours. This was invaluable in creating a positive climate for both the buyer and seller to successfully negociate all parts of the sale of our home!

The bottom line of successful real estate buying and selling is the satisfaction of all parties. However, it is most important to us that this occurs in a climate of respect and civility! Barbara makes this happen. Hire her if you are able. You will not be disappointed in any aspect of buying and selling real estate!

Marty Laughrey

Jennifer and I would like to extend our gratitude to you for the outstanding effort you made on our behalf in the purchase of our new home. When you initially suggested becoming our "buyer's agent," we were not sure that this would result in a benefit to us -- our concern was that it would limit our prospects for finding a home in areas where you do not specialize. As it turns out, your market expertise, your willingness to advise us on areas both near and far from your offices, your attentiveness and your ability to listen all worked together to ensure that the house we found was exactly what we wanted, in exactly the type of environment we were seeking, with what we considered an easy and advantageous transaction.

When you initially met us at an open house that Jennifer and I dropped into, we immediately appreciated the fact that you heard me loud and clear when I said, "We've generally disliked it when realtors speak the whole time -- we prefer to just feel how spaces would be to us without someone telling us what to look at." Many realtors we have met ignored that comment and continued to speak incessantly about every feature of every house they showed us. You limited your comments to aspects we may not have noticed, which was exactly what we wanted -- we really appreciated the way you gave us space to "simply be" in the various rooms of the houses you showed us.

During our search, you quickly learned what kind of house we were looking for, and you helped us make appropriate choices in terms of what to look at and what to leave out. You not only sent us the regular MLS listing updates, but you made specific recommendations, telling us great detail about particular houses as we inquired, and even sometimes without our inquiry if you felt a house might be suitable for us.

When we moved into our transaction, you helped us greatly in the negotiation process. We especially appreciated the care you put into the drafts of emails that went back and forth with the sellers and their realtor. You represented us well, and you also accepted our changes and worked with us to articulate the finer points our positions clearly and effectively. There was a great balance... Truly a team effort in a situation that required skillful communication and emotional fortitude!

Perhaps the most important thing, and the thing that we will remember the longest, is that there was never a question that you were "on our side." This meant much more than helping us buy a house, and it came through in many instances: during the inspection process, when you took copious notes; during the negotiation, when you supported us and helped us strategize at difficult moments; when we considered backing away from the transaction, and you supported us 100% -- always giving us your opinion while at the same time making it clear that it was our decision to make.

Before, during and after the purchase, you have consistently shown concern for our wishes, our comfort, and our long-term happiness with the house we were to purchase. The thing that probably gave us the most confidence was your willingness to let go of the transaction when we thought we might have to back out -- we have experienced other realtors trying to manipulate us into moving forward simply because they really wanted the sale to happen.

Above all this, you have consistently been genuine -- a real person, unlike many of the "salespeople" we have felt we were dealing with when we have done other real estate transactions. Thank you, Barbara. I hope that many, many others will get to benefit from the quality of your counsel and the expertise that you bring to the whole experience.

Nicolas and Jennifer Boillot


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From my Clients

I am so thankful that I found Barbara and that we had her looking out for us. She made everything go very smoothly, worked around our hectic schedules, was honest and organized, and has an incredible amount of integrity. She absolutely went above and beyond any agent that I've ever
worked with.

Theresa Benson

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