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Marketing Your Home

Remodeling or Updating to sell has important goals that are different from remodeling for yourself so that you can remain in your home more conveniently.

I set these goals for sellers who want to remodel in order to sell at a higher price and in a quicker time frame:

  1. Understand what the return is on various remodels. To find the top renovations that pay off, read this article. Read about remodeling and updating to sell here.
  2. Follow the advice of  your Realtor® when she/he advises you to do some updating. Realtors® understand the cost/benefits of their suggestions and balance that with conditions in your marketplace. This is another reason to choose a Realtor® carefully!
  3. If remodeling to sell is the advice you receive, do it at the beginning of the selling process. You only hae one chance to make that first impression!

Sell or Re-model? - Advantages & Pitfalls

The decision to sell or remodel is a personal one for you and your family to make.

Nothing spells defeats faster than an half-hearted seller who will only sell “if I can get the right price” or who wants to “test the market.” In these economic times, selling is a process that takes commitment,a full and willing participation of the seller working with a leading real estate agent with a proven track record, and a highly-developed and focused marketing campaign.  

The key here is: once you do decide to sell you must position your property properly regarding condition and price. You must offer value that buyers can see immediately.

Explore Further: Cost vs Value 2010-2011: Home Renovations

What Makes A Strong Marketing Program?


  • Where is your market?
  • How does your agent identify it?
  • What means will your agent use to reach out to that market?
  • What types of materials will be used?
  • What will be done differently if the first attempts do not produce a sale?

Marketing is hard work!  Be sure you know what is happening, what reports you will receive, and the overall plan to sell your property!

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Now roughly a year later we appreciate more than ever the sound advice and expert counsel Barbara offered us. Our home in Boston is a tremendous investment, as is our ongoing friendship with this wonderful woman.

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